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Since 15 May 2001
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Server Updates

EasyCafe Server v2.2.14 SMS Enabled + EasyWall Enabled (Latest Update - 1,65MB)
Update Date : 14-04-2003

  • Database problem with multi-language windows has been fixed,
  • Database security has been improved,
  • Communication speed with clients has been improved,
  • Login/Payout on double click option has been added,
  • Reboot pc on payout option has been added,
  • Dates option has been added under system log,
Client Updates

EasyCafe Client v2.2.14 SMS Enabled + EasyWall Enabled (Latest Update - 1,39MB)
Update Date : 14-04-2003

  • Security has been improved,
  • Server/Client synchronization has been improved,
  • Communication speed has been improved,
  • Hiding menus/buttons options has been added.
What's New ?

EasyCafe 2.1 has a built-in web Server,

You can put your own mini web site into Easycafe Server. All of your clients can reach your web space when they start their sessions.

You have the most popular communication program built-in your EasyCafe client. Using EasyCafe Client your customers can reach their personal contact lists whereever they go. All around the World...

EasyCafe 2.1 have the SMS transfer capability. Your customers can send SMS Messages, Logos, Pictures and Ringtones to their GSM phones. Click here for more information

You can manage your Advertisements directly from EasyCafe Server. EasyCafe clients can display .JPG, .SWF, .BMP, .HTM, advertisements and announcements.
It is a good idea to use EasyCafe Client's built-in web browser to make advertisements and announcements of your products and services.

The only limitation on the EasyCafe client interface is your imagination !

Customize built-in explorer field as you wish. Show your distinction to your customers.

EasyCafe Used in 85 Countries.
Be an EasyCafe Reseller and increase your profits by selling the Most popular CyberCafe Management Software in the World.
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