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Since 15 May 2001
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EasyCafe is for Network not for Notwork(!)

EasyCafe is designed with the aim of loading the network as less as possible. EasyCafe is fast and does not bring any extra traffic to your network.

System Requirements
Easy Cafe Server

Windows 9x / Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows Me / XP

Min. Memory

32 MB ( We Recommended 64 MB)


Pentium 166 Mhz.

Hard Disk

15 MB


IP based Network

Easy Cafe Client


Windows 95 / Windows 98 /Windows 2000 /Windows Me /XP

Min. Memory

32 MB


Pentium 166

Hard Disk Space 5 MB
Network IP based Network and TCP/IP Networking Protocol
Used Ports

EasyCafe uses ports below for internal comunication between EasyCafe Server and Clients. If you are using a firewall in your network you should give access.

Port 80
(Outgoing Only)

EasyCafe checks TinaSoft.Com online announcement system for new Updates and News once a day.
(Firewalled against External Access)

Port 113
(Incoming and Outgoing )
EasyCafe server has a built-in Ident Server. If you don't have any other Ident Server in your network you can use EasyCafe's Ident Server to connect to IRC Servers. Especially for Dalnet, Efnet etc.
Port 831
(Internal Only)

EasyCafe Server and Clients use port 831 for internal communication over TCP.
(Firewalled to Outside)

Port 918
(Internal Only)
EasyCafe built-in Web Server port. All clients connect via port 918 to the server to get their MiniBrowser Web pages.
(Firewalled to Outside)
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