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EasySMS enables Cybercafe customers to send SMS Messages, Ringtones, Flash Messages and Picture SMS to any Mobile phone over the World. Moreover you don't have to tangle into the web searching SMS sites entering passwords and wasting your time.

Cybercafe Adminstrators can set their own price for EasySMS Service. While the clients of the Cybercafe send SMS with the EasySMS module quickly and easily; they are charged at the end of their usage. The price of the sent SMSs is added to client's internet usage price and billed at the logoff.

How it Works?

EasySMS works as an embedded module inside EasyCafe Client. When a user login to EasyCafe Client, he/she can use all functions of EasySMS from a menu, just like other EasyCafe Client functions.
(See the image at Right)

Users can browse all EasySMS functions from the related menus on EasyClient interface. The SMS Logo or Ringtone sent by the user are posted to Tinasoft Servers and then to the SMS Gateway; When the message being sent hits the recepient phone, SMS Gateway sends a "Received" message from the return path to the User. All this communication is accomplished in 1 or 2 seconds.

EasyCafe Server adds the cost fot the sent SMS after it receives the "Received" message. As a result, EasyCafe owners are able to offer a very easy to use SMS utility to their customers. Moreover they earn more by offering SMS service.

Thousands of Logos and Ringtones at your service

You can find thousands of Operator Logos Pcture SMS Ringtones and Group Logos in the EasySMS database. Additionally users can create and send their own Logos and Ringtones using utilities provided with EasySMS.

You can an archive of thousands of Logos and Ringtones with just few mouse clicks. Again you can send any Logo or Ringtone to any cellular phone in the World. The messages are delivered in maximum 30 seconds.

EasySMS is a rather profitable service because it does not demand extra labor or investment. On the contrary of other similar services, EasySMS do not require the manager to go to web sites entering passwords or guiding the customers how to use the service. Anyone capable of using a computer can send SMS using the EasySMS without any prior knowledge.

EasySMS Is Profitable

EasySMS is a service of EasyCafe. EasyCafe owners do not need any other investment to use EasySMS. They can purchase SMS credit from Tinasoft at most reasonable price and offer SMS service to their customers. EasySMS is a great opportunity to rise the prestige of your Cybercafe.

Signup NOW! to start benefiting the advantages of EasySMS

If you already have EasyCafe please download the latest update and start using EasySMS service. If you are new to EasyCafe it is just the right time for downloading.


Type of SMS Credit
Simple SMS 1
Flash SMS 2
Ringtone 2
Operator LOGO 2
Picture SMS 4

100 SMS Credits is enough for sending either 100 SMS Messages 50 Logos or Ringtones 25 Picture SMS. Start the EasySMS service at your Cybercafe NOW and start making profit immediately!!

Existing EasyCafe owners you alredy have 100 FREE credits loaded to your account. Signup for EastSMS to start using them NOW!
Usernames and Passwords have been emailed to the Active EasySMS users.

Use EasyCafe and manage your cybercafe easily! Save time! Save labor! Increase your Prestige. And earn more with EasySMS NOW!!

Go to EasySMS Credits Price List
See the Difference!

EasySMS Logo, Ringtones and Picture SMS can be received only by Nokia cellular phones. Simple SMSs can be received by all cellular phones.
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